Torayan's Great Adventure


Torayan's Great Adventure

-- One night, as he(Torayan) gazed up at the stars,
a little spark of light came falling toward him.
"A shooting star?"
It was a small, small sun.

Yanobe's first picture book, bringing together a ten-year period since his visit in 1997, dressed in the Atom Suit, to the destroyed nursery school in Chernobyl, and using as its motif the doll and the painting of the sun that he found there. With its compositional interweaving of wild fantasy and real documentation, this work is re-portrayal through the eyes of Torayan of numerous art projects that have been realized by Yanobe.

240×225cm (64pages) superior binding
[standard version] ISBN 978-4-903545-16-5 C0071
[special Torayan cover version] ISBN 978-4-903545-17-2 C0071
pulished by Akio Nagasawa Publishing

-- ある夜 星を見ていたら

1997年《アトムスーツ》を着て訪問し、チェルノブイリの廃墟となった保育園で見つけた "人形" と "太陽の絵" をモチーフに、それからの10年という歳月をまとめあげた初の絵本作品。妄想のファンタジーと、現実のドキュメントによる構成で、実際に行ってきた数々のアートプロジェクトが再び『トらやん』の視点で綴られていく。

240×225cm (64ページ) 上製
[通常版] ISBN 978-4-903545-16-5 C0071
[特装版] ISBN 978-4-903545-17-2 C0071
発行:Akio Nagasawa Publishing

Torayan's Great Adventure
Torayan's Great Adventure