Survival: Yellow Suit / Survival: イエロー・スーツ (1991)

After Tanking Machine, Yanobe created Yellow Suit in tandem with Nest. This was a sturdy suit for protection against radiation. The exterior was coated with steel and the interior was lined with lead. After the Mihama nuclear accident of 1991,Yanobe hastily created this for himself and his pet dog Kassy. It was more like armor than a suit, and more of a clothing accessory better suited for museums of natural history than work for art museums. To support the weight of the suit itself, its structure had a balance scale type of structure connected to a device for creating oxygen by photosynthesis. Therefore, he could not move as freely as he wished. Ironically, the result was that he could only obtain a living space about two meters wide, which corresponded to the size of the balance scale. This, however, led to the creation of Atom Suit.


Yellow Suit

To the chest of the suit, Yanobe attached a Geiger counter that responded to natural radiation. Whenever it detected radiation, it emitted a flash of light and a sound, and registered the amount. He sensed a mysterious attraction in the device, as if it were creating a visual representation of Mother Nature. He incorporated it for the first time in Yellow Suit. The use of the Geiger counter provided a sense of reality to the Yellow Suit work itself. At the same time, there was an amazing sense of life, as if the suit spoke on its own even if Yanobe wasn’t wearing it.


Then, Yanobe created a series of life-size mechanical sculptures based on the theme of “Survival”. These devices would expand or, at times, exaggerate his functions. At the same time, he built a fortress in the world of art by transforming himself into a dictator in the hypertrophied world of delusion.