The Atom Suit Project: Chernobyl / アトムスーツ・プロジェクト:チェルノブイリ (1997)

In 1994, Yanobe left Japan and went to Berlin, Germany. Next Year, the mass sarin poisonings in the Tokyo subways and the Hanshin earthquake had occurred in Japan. A mood of fin de siecle had suddenly arisen in the country, and Yanobe began to feel a sense of incongruity toward works that protected only him. At that time, he finished a new work of art titled Atom Suit. It was a lighter work that represented a change from his previous pieces, which were massive forms made of metal.

ヤノベは日本を離れ、ドイツ・ベルリンへと渡った。その翌年となる1995年、日本国内では地下鉄サリン事件や阪神淡路大震災が発生。にわかに世紀末のムードが高まりつつある中、ヤノベは1人、わが身を守る作品に違和感を抱き始めていった。 そんな時、それまでの鉄でできた重厚な形体から一変し、身軽になった作品アトムスーツが完成した。

Atom Suit Project

Yanobe wore Atom Suit and headed for Chernobyl. As with an astronaut wearing a space suit, or a diver wearing a diving suit to immerse himself in the sea, Yanobe wore a suit with the minimum functions to protect his life – in order to shift away from the display spaces of a museum or gallery, recover a sense of reality missing from his person, and transform himself again. For Yanobe, who was to discover his own expressive act and his link to society, Atom Suit was another layer of skin.