The Atom Suit Project: Antenna of the Earth / アトムスーツ・プロジェクト:大地のアンテナ (2000)

In 2000, humankind lived through the predictions of Nostradamus. At the end of the century, Yanobe unveiled the Atom Suit Project — Antenna of the Earth — as if to terminate the flow of “Survival”. He methodically arranged as many as 500 dolls with Atom Suit in a large area. Of these, several were attached with Geiger counters to detect the natural radiation occurring at random. On a pedestal in the middle of the space, Yanobe placed many photographs recording his visit with the people of Chernobyl. A doll of Yanobe himself, modeled after a standing statue of the Buddhist saint Kuya, was placed wearing Atom Suit with the helmet in its hand.

2000年を迎え、人類はノストラダムスの予言を通過した。世紀末のおわり、ヤノベは「サヴァイヴァル」という流れを終息させるように、《アトムスーツ・プロジェクト - 大地のアンテナ - 》を発表した。広い空間に500体におよぶ小さなアトムスーツの人形が整然と並び、そのうちのいくつかへ設置されたガイガー・ミュラー・カウンターがアトランダムに降り注ぐ自然放射線を感知している。真ん中の台座にはチェルノブイリでの人との出会いが記録された大量の写真が並べられ、空也上人立像を模したヤノベ自身の人形が、ヘルメットを手にアトムスーツを着用した姿で立っていた。

Atom Suit Project

Kuya broke through the practices of Buddhism that had no connection with the people of his time. As part of his approach to himself as an artist, Yanobe overlaid his form on that of Kuya, who always lived with the spirit of the people for his mission and salvation. The artistic expression of removing the Atom Sui Atom Suit t helmet was to reveal his own life, as if to expose that which was within himself.


Atom Suit ProjectAtom Suit ProjectAtom Suit Project
Atom Suit ProjectAtom Suit Project
Atom Suit Project