Pappa TARAHUMARA "Gulliver & Swift" / パパ・タラフマラ「ガリヴァー&スウィフト」 (2008)

Pappa TARAHUMARA is a per forming ar ts group established by Hiroshi Koike in 1982. The group is known for the innovative stage performance adapting various form of arts such as music, art and moving images. The performances are mergence of theatre arts, dance, musical and mime and their performaces had gained prestige internationally.  
Koike had long been planning to make a stage work, modeled on Jonathan Swift, a British writer of 18th century famous for his satirical novel Gulliver’s Travels(1726) but not realized yet then. Koike visited Yanobe’s exhibition and he found the common character between Swift and Yanobe, both of them expressed the contradicitons of civilized society as stories full of humor and irony. Koike asked Yanobe to design his stage and dicided to realize his plan.

小池は『ガリバー旅行記』(1726)の著者である18 世紀の作家、ジョナサン・スウィフトをモデルにした舞台作品を長年構想していたが実現には至っていなかった。小池はヤノベの展覧会を見て文明社会の矛盾をユーモアとアイロニーを込めた物語にして表現するスウィフトとの共通性を見出した。そして、ヤノベに舞台美術を委嘱することで構想の実現を決断した。


Yanobe created various unique characters such as Cat Doll, Child Doll, Huge Child Doll, Dismantling Courtesan, Suit Man and Sphere Capsule for the stage. They were to serve as the parts of the story and at the same time they must be functional for the performers. They are both Yanobe’s works and hybrid creatures born out from different worlds. The performers and stage design interected with each other and the characters sometimes made strong impression during the performance.



On the stage, various elements of different cultures such as dancers from Indonesia and Ireland, players of Electone and gamelan, masks, objects, and costumes, intermingled with each other. All of them formed the hybrid stage work Gulliver & Swift-Writer Jonathan Swift’s Cat Cooking Recipes- which embodied the imagination of Jonathan Swift bridging over different spaces and times, dimensions and genres in daring ways.