Lucky Dragon: Phantasmagoria -Yurinso- / ラッキードラゴン:幻燈夜会-有隣荘- (2010)

Phantasmagoria is a form of theatrical entertainment which became poplular in France at the end of 18th century. It is performed with a magic lantern, a visual device before photography and cinema.
Yanobe had an exhibition Gento Yakai (Phantasmagoria) at Yurinso, an annex buiding of Ohara Museum of Art in 2010.(Yanobe made Phantasmagoria for the exhibition The Great Advernture of Torayan in 2007. It was a magic lantern shaped as a chandelier with openwork and the story of picture book The Great Adventure of Torayan was projected through the lantern.)

ファンタスマゴリアとは、18 世紀末にフランスで発明された暗闇の中で幻燈機を用いて亡霊などを浮かび上がらせる写真や映画以前の視覚メディアである。
2010 年に大原美術館の有隣荘で開催された「幻燈夜会」展においてもファンタスマゴリアをテーマにした。(ヤノベケンジは2007 年、「トらやんの大冒険-ファタスマゴリア-」展において、絵本『トらやんの大冒険』(2007)の物語が投影されるシャンデリア型の透かし彫りの幻燈機《ファンタスマゴリア》を制作している。)

Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso

2010 was the anniversary year to commemorate 80 years of establishing of Ohara Museum of Art, the first private museum dedicated to western art and also the 130th birthday of the founder, Magosaburo Ohara.
Yurinso is an annex of the principal residence of Magosaburo Ohara, and now open to public only in spring and autumn every year. It was the first time for Yanobe to have an exhibition in a residential space.

2010 年は日本で最初の西洋美術の私立美術館である大原美術館創立80周年、創立者である大原孫三郎生誕130 周年という記念すべき年に当たっていた。

Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso
Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso

As Magosaburo Ohara was born in the year of dragon, designs of dragon are seen everywhere in the building. The design was directed by Torajiro Kojima, who collected art works for the museum. In this exhibition, Yanobe featured Torayan and Lucky Dragon as main charactors and also had an intention to revive “ Dragon” and “ Tiger (Tora)” which had been resided in the building. Another hidden theme for this exhibition was Juji Ishii, a missionary who dedicated for the activities of relieving of orphaned children, had an infulence on Ohara’s activities. Ishii organized the events of phantasmagoria for charity purposes.


Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso

Yanobe’s installation, in the same way as the achievements of Ohara, Kojima and Ishii, never stayed silently in the building. Torayan, Cat Lantern and Lucky Dragon stack out their heads from the window on the second floor. Tourists hanging around the area, famous for its scenic beauty were stunned and surprised by their appearance.

ただし、彼らが後世に与えた功績と同様に展示も有隣荘に収まることはなく、2 階の窓からは《トらやん》《ランプ猫》《ラッキードラゴン》の顔が飛び出し、全国的に有名な倉敷美観地区に訪れる観光客に好奇と驚嘆の目で見られることになった。

Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso

It is noteworthy that The Ruin of Future, a work which marked his starting point was installed as a new work in the exhibition. The work reproduced the interoir scene of nursery school in Chernobyl, where wrecked girl dolls were discarded in the ruin. Yanobe showed the process of his own revival through the installation.


Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso

The new work Phantasmagoria-Yurinso is a sculpture of dragon holding a ball of glass, which looks like a crystal ball. Onto the ball he projected a short movie. In the movie, Yanobe in Atom Suit picks up a girl doll in Chernobyl and quietly stands up. He begins to run and reincarnates into Torayan.
The exhibition at Yurinso, the memory of the building and the story Yanobe created from his memory were combined and performed as a phantasmagoria.

もう一つの新作となる《幻燈夜会-有隣荘》では、龍が水晶のようなガラス球を抱く形で包んでおり、そこには《アトムスーツ》を着用したヤノベが少女の人形を拾い上げ、その後、自ら静かに立ち上がり、駆け出し、《トらやん》へと転生していく映像が流されている。 有隣荘における展示は、建物の持つ記憶とヤノベの記憶から生み出された物語が重層的かつ立体的に「再生」されるファンタスマゴリアとなった。

Lucky Dragon Phantasmagoria Yurinso