Sun Child: Cloud Tank Project / サン・チャイルド:クラウドタンク・プロジェクト (2011-2012)

Yanobe gained an information from bioresarch, which says that lactobacillus is effective for protection from radiation, and he made a concept for special machine runs and sprays lactobacillus vapour. With the aim to cover and purify nuclear substances, fell out by “the Bad Cloud” such as mushroom cloud from nuclear explosion and hydrogen explosion, he began to make The Cloud Tank, a device for spraying lactobacillus water. The form is close to that of mushroom cloud from nuclear explosion and he put the name of “Tank”, a good tank which would not be used for wars.


Sun Child: The Cloud Tank Project

The Cloud Tank has an oval shaped capsule, which goes upward by an elastic pantograph, and a sprayer attached to a roof of capsule sprays lactobacillus water. The device could be operated with radio controller. The Cloud Tank was selected by Osaka Canvas Project to be displayed at the open-air square of The Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building (from 23rd of November to 4th of December, 2011).

《クラウド・タンク》は、白い楕円球体のカプセル天板が、伸縮する梯子によって上昇し、天板に取り付けられた噴霧器から乳酸菌水が噴射される。ラジコンによる遠隔操作が可能な高機能な装置となった。《クラウド・タンク》はおおさかカンヴァス推進事業(2011 年11月23日~ 12月4日)の選考作品として大阪府咲洲庁舎・野外広場にて発表されることが決まる。

Sun Child: The Cloud Tank Project Sun Child: The Cloud Tank Project

In prior to the public display, S. R. L. had measurement experiments of the effect of lactobacillus in Fukushima. With the help of Fukushima University and Fukushima Prefectural Museum, they worked together to spray lactobacillus water on the soil of the specified area and had measurement experiments of radiological dosages. However, the experiments showed that lactobacillus were not so effective for decontamination as had been expected.


Sun Child: The Cloud Tank Project Sun Child: The Cloud Tank Project

Yanobe admitted that the experiments failed and began to investigate the long term measure to prevent radioactive exposure to human body. Although stopped at the midway, The Cloud Tank was an unprecedent project, which went beyond the framework of art work, to confront the nuclear accident and radioactive contamination. At the same time, he star ted to make Sun Child, a monument of hope for the future. Believing the power of art on human spirit, Yanobe seeks to resolve problems in physical and concrete ways.