THE STAR ANGER / スター・アンガー (2012)

The exective committee asked Kenji Yanobe to make a work of mirror ball for NAMURA ART MEETING ’04–’34 vol. 04 (2012). Yanobe had made a work of mirror ball before for NAMURA ART MEETING ’04–’34 vol. 00(2004). In the course of this project, NAMURA ART MEETING ’04–’34 vol. 04 was the first event after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the project intended to return to its origin. Yanobe proceeded to design and make THE STAR ANGER, the work of huge mirror ball with a diameter of 5m, which materially exceeded the size the committee had asked for.

「NAMURA ART MEETING」の第4 回目となった2012 年、ヤノベはミラーボールの制作を実行委員会に依頼された。ミラーボールは「NAMURA ART MEETING」の第1 回目に制作され、震災後の初めての開催ということで原点回帰する意味も込められていた。ヤノベは実行委員会が依頼していたサイズを大幅に超え、国内最大級の直径5mにも及ぶ巨大ミラーボール作品《スター・アンガー》の設計・制作に取り掛かる。

The Star Anger

In contrast with Sun Child, which has “overtly positive” themes, the theme of THE STAR ANGER was “anger”, which appeared to have a negative intent. At the same time of making this work, demonstrations against restarting of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant were held throughout Japan. People reacted to the messages spread by SNS, gathered in front of Prime Minister's Official Residence for protest. At most, tens of thousands people gathered for anti-nuke demonstrations.
“Anger” is one of Yanobe’s enduring themes. In 2005, he made Giant Torayan at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Giant Torayan is a work of huge robot, obedient only to commands from children and it spit fire from its mouth with the energy of “anger”. Children are minor beings in the society which adults have made, and at the same time, they are the hope for future. In Giant Torayan, Yanobe expressd the energy of “anger” which children and socially vulnerable have, and made it a symbol of energy to crash through the existing power structure.

「怒り」はヤノベの継続しているテーマの一つである。2005 年、金沢21 世紀美術館で制作された《ジャイアント・トらやん》は、子ども命令にのみ従い、「怒り」のエネルギーで口から火炎を噴く巨大ロボットという設定になっている。子どもは大人が作った社会の弱者ではあるが、同時に未来を担う希望でもある。子どもや社会的弱者が持つ「怒り」のエネルギーの塊を《ジャイアント・トらやん》という形で表現し、権力構造を突き破るシンボルとした。

The Star Anger The Star Anger

The dragon howling with anger was modeled with styrofoam and made of alminum plates fastened with rivets and its eyes were made of red glass balls. He used these techniques when he made Lucky Dragon and he applied the technique of making crystal eyes in buddhist statues in Kamakura Period.


The Star Anger The Star Anger
The Star Anger